Clothing categories

Clothing categories

Associated words and phrases

a compact factor such as a element of jewellery or a set of boots which you dress in with outfits to provide them far much more style

a large difference of clothing/socks/underwear and so on

nevertheless one more listing of clothes which you consider with you to enable you to use them rather than varieties you will be sporting, if needed

very formal men’s clothes donned for a interpersonal event, generally including a black color bow fasten

British a piece of apparel that you no longer want and give to a person much more


women’s outfits that are created to be utilised with each and every other

clothes which you put on at the costly outfit celebration, pretending to be a well-liked certain individual, an canine, a personality coming from a story and so on

some thing that you dress in to alter the way in which you appear to make certain that people will not comprehend you

a assortment of clothes that you dress in with every single other

evening gown

stylish outfit

British clothing which you put on for enjoyment to assist you grow to be search like a specific nicely-recognized certain person or possibly a certain sort of individual, with a extravagant-gown get with each other

stuff that you use on your own toes, like footwear or sneakers

skilled a picked form of garments, as an example apparel that displays your predicament in every day life or maybe the task that you just do


United states outdated-designed men’s clothes, or a shop that supplies men’s garments


informal outfits which have been worn by a particular person and soon after that made obtainable to other individuals within the identical household members

haute fashion

official expensive and stylish clothing, or maybe the enterprise of designing and producing them. A person that can make or markets these outfits is a haute couturier.

things that you dress in in your head

socks, stockings, and tights. This expression is employed notably to refer to this stuff even though they are obtained in a store.

British aged clothing and other items that you no longer want, provided to improve dollars. The Us expression is rummage.

clothes which have been knitted

a bit of garments that has been created by a correctly-acknowledged designer

clothes created from leather, specially individuals worn by a particular person driving a motorbike


formal hats which are purchased in retailers

outdated-developed outfits, especially dark outfits, which are donned as an indication of respect for an individual who has died


United kingdom clothing that you use to get to sleep in

someone’s best bib and tucker



American relaxed clothes

Saturday greatest

aged-fashioned your best clothing that you just place on for special events


a sheet of garments that contains the upper factor of the body

outdated-fashioned a pair of women’s outfits composed of two complementing components, 1 specific for the ideal portion of the whole body then a single for your bottom element


garments that you just place on beside your skin layer within your other outfits. A more frequent expression is underwear.


really specialist a sheet of garments that you just dress in up coming to your skin under your other garments. A far far more common phrase is a bit of underwear.

garments that you use beside your skin beneath your other clothing

a pair of clothing that you dress in to show that you are presently a portion of a chosen company or institution

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