Whole hog smoker

Whole hog smoker
Problems 3/five
Prep time 15 mins
Cook time seven hours
Acts a hundred
Hardwood Hickory

Amaze your guests at your right after that cookout employing this sort of total smoked pig recipe. From snout to curly tail, this tiny piggy tastes primal and tasty.


65 lb. Total Pig

one/two bottle Yellow-colored Mustard

two containers Traeger’s Tx Scorching BBQ Marinade

one/two cup Sodium

one/two mug Pepper

one/two mug Garlic clove Powder

1/2 cup Onion All-natural powder


Guarantee the whole pig is gutted and it is hairless. To match a 65 lb pig inside of the Professional 34 or Texas dimensions bbq grills, get rid of the toes from shin lower.

Rub total hog straight down with yellowish mustard to develop a stick for seasoning to adhere to. Mix massage components massage one/3 of massage in excess of total pig, from snout to tail. Established remaining rub away and arrange for later on.

When ready to put together meals, start off off the Traeger on Smoke using the best broad open until a blaze is founded (4-5 minutes). Flip heat to 250 diplomas F and pre-heat, lid shut, for ten or fifteen minutes.

Set the hog around the bbq grill and put together for 5 hrs at 250 levels.

Increase temperatures to 325 qualifications F in order to total. Allow pig in order to cook on an added two to three hours, or right up until probes within the pork shoulder and ham create an account an internal heat of 205 degrees F.

Eliminate pig from barbeque grill and approximately slice up meats, taking away components. Slice into favored servings, probably “chopped pork” or “shredded”. Use a better portion of set aside rub to complete to get a relatively saltier preference, if excellent. Mix with BBQ sauce. Get pleasure from!

Be mindful: A 65 pound pig will give all around one hundred folks. Soon after meals preparation and getting rid of bones, it can yield 35 pounds of meats.

If preparing foods a lowered pig, meals planning time will fluctuate. It should consider roughly 4-six several hrs in buy to cook the entire pig, but it is best to go away from inner temperature. Enhance the barbecue grill heat from 250 levels F to 325 levels F when the pork has reached around 190 degrees F. Finish off cooking at 325 until the pork in fact will get to 205 diplomas F.

*Hint from Cook Marco: On the prime part of the spine, carve proper beneath the epidermis for that reason the back yet again is uncovered. Add far more mustard and rub listed beneath skin spot to permit salt to permeate the meat.

Author: Jacob Stern

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